In the book I address several qualities that I believe are important to achieving success in life. I use my failures, obstacles and overall life experiences to illustrate these qualities. I begin each chapter with a famous quote that is relative to the quality discussed in that chapter. I end each chapter with a brief explanation of the lesson/ lessons learned.

I wrote and dedicated the book to the young people I have mentored over the last 25+ years. The book is dedicated to them and those like them that feel hopeless. My intentions with this book are to give those people hope and more importantly a blueprint to success. I hope that by sharing the adversities in my life, people can see that achieving success is possible regardless of the circumstances that you are born into. I also wanted to redefine what success looks like. Success is personal and different for everyone. My book discusses what I call “Full Success” I discuss being successful in every area of your life. Not only is it possible but it’s necessary.